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The Hamilton-Garrett Center for Music & Arts serves the greater Boston community through its three divisions: The Academy, Performance and Library.


Interested in starting your music education journey or enriching your musicianship with the city's leading musicians? Find your place here at HGCMA where there is a program for everyone!

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AGES 5-18

Standing as the Center's flagship after school program, the Hamilton-Garrett Music and Arts Academy is now housed in it's own division! Here is where students are offered private lesson instruction in piano, voice, guitar, percussion, violin, and winds & brass, alongside classes in music theory, history, Black identity and experience, and more. It also hosts music clinics and workshops through our Visiting Artist Series.


AGES 14+

As part of our expansion in the Fall of 2022, we are proud to provide students the opportunity to enhance their musicianship through performances! Whether they are taking place in an event we are hosting or are being invited to represent HGCMA, the Performance Division is sure to be the place to demonstrate your skills on stage. Within this program are the HG Youth Choir and the HG Drumline ensembles. Leading industry artists who have worked with our Performance students include Patrice Rushen, Take 6, Tia Fuller, and Dr. Teresa Hairston.

In addition to filling out an application to the Center, students need to audition in order to be accepted into one of our ensembles.



Here at the Hamilton-Garrett Center for Music & Arts, we are excited to provide our students, teachers, faculty, community members, and educators with resources to preserve, celebrate and educate Black music. That is why our new and exciting Library Division is in currently in the works to house an extensive array of Black music and pieces of literature on the history of Black music. Our work for over 20 years is based on our belief that having a foundation in Black music can lead to a successful musical journey just like (if not better than) a foundation in western, classical music.


Interested in being part of this innovative Library Division? Your donation will support us in bringing these resources to more people! Learn how below!

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